Training Department

The Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) and the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended that Primary Health workers need the training to provide quality care for the Elderly. Generally, this training is however not being formally done. PriHEMAC has therefore established a Training Institute where Primary and Professional Caregivers and Elderly Friendly Ambassadors are being trained.

In order to ensure that the Caregivers and Ambassadors develop the appropriate skill, knowledge and attitude for required services, PriHEMAC has produced one Peer-Reviewed Handbook for each of them as below

The vision of PriHEMAC Home Care is To contribute to having a community where people who usually need home services have accessible, available, sustainable and affordable quality care. The main objective is to ensure that people who need quality services receive promptly such services

The Handbook for PriHEMAC Home/Health Caregivers (PHHC)

The Handbook for PriHEMAC Home/Health Caregivers (PHHC) is meant as Reference materials for them and their Trainers/facilitators.

The content of the Handbook covers seven (7) Modules which include: Module Legal Implications of Caregivers’ Responsibilities; Knowing/Meeting the Basic Health Needs – Physical Needs, Social Needs, Psychological Needs- Of The Elderly; Selected Nursing Care/Services for The Elderly including: Checking of Vital Signs, Daily Personal Care, Bed Bath, Prevention of Bed Sores/Treatment of Pressure Areas etc.; Food & Nutrition; Prevention and Management Of Home Accidents, & First Aid For The Elderly; Effectively Communicating With The Elderly and Prevention of Violence And Abuse Of The Elderly

The Handbook for PriHEMAC Elderly Friendly Ambassadors (PEFAs)

The Handbook for PriHEMAC Elderly Friendly Ambassadors (PEFAs is meant as Reference materials for their Trainers/facilitators.

Relevant topics/areas covered in the Handbook include but not limited to: Promoting Elderly Friendliness through Empowered Stakeholders; Beliefs around Ageing; Growing Older;  What To Expect and Do; Imperatives Of Retirement Preparedness among others. Very knowledgeable, experienced and committed ‘Gallery of Experts’ who strongly believe in promoting the quality and wellbeing of the Elderly contributed to the preparation of this document.

In 2014 PriHEMAC Training Institute for quality Home Care services was established. The NGO was also registered/certified in 2018 by Oyo State Ministry of Women Affairs, Community Development Social Welfare and Poverty Alleviation, Oyo State to contribute to the efforts of the State Government at improving the standard of living of the less privileged.

PriHEMAC Training Institute

Physical Facilities

PriHEMAC Training Institute Physical Facilities include fenced solid buildings -space/rooms- with adequate facilities and relevant equipment and is sited in a suitable training environment and accessible location.

Faculty Members

PriHEMAC Training Institute Faculty Members include qualified, experienced and dedicated medical, social and nursing professionals who are capable of training all cadres of Caregivers

Career Opportunities

PriHEMAC Training Institute advertises for, recruits and trainers. Interested and eligible applicants for the two (2) groups of home caregivers namely

Primary Caregivers

Primary Caregivers are family members including mostly the spouses, children, siblings and relatives; they include volunteers from churches/mosques and various community organizations who generally render ‘non-contractual’ services/activities

Professional/secondary caregivers

Professional/Secondary Caregivers are eligible/interested who are trained to render home services for the elderly and convalescents – those, not necessarily elderly persons, who, for various reasons, need home care

Status of Training of Professional/Secondary Caregivers