Home Care for the Elderly

The high rate at which the proportion of elderly persons is rising all over the world is irresistible and irreversible. So also, are the inevitably ‘old age’ problems compelling caring primary caregivers (children and concerned significant others) to pay attention.

Results of studies show that over 9 out of every 10 elderly persons (70years +) in most communities would wish to be given needed care at home, except their social support system failed! Also, 1 out of every 5 elderly persons, usually needs one type of ‘caring need’ or the other calling for attention.

In order to meet the yearning need of the elderly, PriHEMAC has screened trained, certified, legally covered, bonded and registered caregivers who are, or could be, engaged to provide desired holistic care for the Elderly. Each PriHEMAC Caregiver has acquired the correct knowledge, developed right attitude and appropriate skills to provide any customized service required to meet various common social, psychological, physical needs of the Elderly.

PriHEMAC Caregivers Services

Meeting Physical Needs

PriHEMAC Caregivers can provide the following Health Services to meet Common Basic Physical Needs of the elderly and convalescents who need support for the activities of daily living: bathing, dressing, eating, using the toilet, walking, etc.:

  • Checking of Vital Signs,
  • Daily Personal Care and grooming
  • Bed Bath, Prevention of Bed Sores/Treatment of Pressure Areas, etc.;
  • preparation and serving of Food for Nutrition;
  • Prevention and management of home accidents,
  • First Aid;
  • Respite care for the caregiver
  • Administer prescribed medication
  • Laundry
  • Errand services
  • Assistance with pets

Meeting Social Needs

PriHEMAC Caregivers can provide the following services to meet the Common Basis Social Needs of the elderly such as loneliness (as a result of unemployment, death or divorce, etc.):

  • safe companionship to church, wedding,
  • socialization and visitation to friends or family members,
  • medication reminder,
  • grocery shopping and various items.
  • insurance follow-up,
  • keeping/supporting health facility appointments,
  • Fall Risk Reduction.

Meeting Psychological Needs

PriHEMAC Caregivers can provide the following services to meet the Common Basic Psychological Needs such as Delirium and Dementia/Alzheimer’s, affective disorder:

  • referral services,
  • effectively communication,
  • prevention of violence and abuse,
  • memory care,
  • assistance with reading and hobbies,
  • use of the internet, phone calls to children, and significant others.

Who Can We Help

PriHEMAC Caregivers can render services for


Recuperating persons who are just discharged from the hospital but need continuing care at home

Working Nursing Mothers

Who do not have mothers-in-law or house helps


Who need to attend compelling ceremonies but cannot take their children or elderly parents along

Domiciliary Nurses

Some PriHEMAC Caregivers are domiciliary nurses who provide
  • Day-home-care on a daily visit basis;
  • Specialty services- e.g. diabetes care physiotherapy etc.;
  • Care of chronically or terminally ill patients;
  • Post-delivery care for mothers and babies at home and facilitation of referrals to appropriate consultants

Elderly Day Care Services (In view)

The Elderly Day Care Services center is designed to provide support for older adults who may need assistance to promote independence or avert feelings of isolation and loneliness. The center will enable senior citizens to socialize with others while still receiving needed care services.

The PriHEMAC Elderly Day Care Centre intends to operate during daytime hours, Monday through Friday, in a safe, supportive, cheerful environment. Nutritious meals that accommodate special diets are typically included, along with an afternoon snack.

The PriHEMAC Elderly Day Care Centre intends to provide older adults an opportunity to get out of the house and do physical exercises, play various games to enhance both mental and social stimulation

Operational Guide

The following process will be followed for the engagement of PriHEMAC Home Care (PriHC) Services. The prospective Care Receiver (CR) contacts PriHC Office to initiate engagement; The PriHC Supervisor (PriHC S) pays the initial assessment visit to the house of the CR. The CR and PriHC S sign Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) according to the needs and/or requests of the CR

The CR deposits money into PriHEMAC Account, when alert is received, the PriHC S leads a suitable Caregiver to start work at agreed time and date.

Home Health Caregivers

  • Bronze Package: 1 shift – 7am – 5pm of 5 working days a week
  • Silver package: 2 Shifts – 7 am – 7pm of 5working days a week
  • Gold Package: 2 Shifts – 7 am – 7pm of 7days a week including weekends
  • Platinum Package: 24 hours daily including weekends

Domiciliary Nurses

  • Bronze Package: 2 hours daily x 5 days a week
  • Silver package: 8 hours daily x 5 working days a week
  • Gold Package: 12 hours (7 am – 7pm) of 7 days a week including weekends
  • Platinum Package: 24 hours daily including weekends

Standard of practice and Quality Assurance

In order to establish and maintain acceptable and safe standard of care, the following steps will be followed:
  1. The PriHC S establishes the baseline health status (including the vital signs, TPR, B/P) of the care receiver.
  2. The PriHC S develops a work plan with the Caregiver
  3. The Caregiver carries out care according to work plan,
  4. The Caregiver records activities carried out.
  5. The PriHC S pays regular supervisory/monitoring visits
  6. The PriHC S reports to PriHC Office periodically
  7. All management decisions and/or financial transactions are made with/by officials carrying PriHEMAC Identity Card (ID).