Welcome to PriHEMAC!

The vision of PriHEMAC Private Home Care is to contribute to having a community where people who usually need home services have accessible, available, sustainable, and affordable quality care. The objective is to ensure that the people who have the need for such services receive quality and affordable services.

The need to provide quality care for people who usually need home services is obvious in view of the rising proportion of such people in our communities. In many cases,
i) some people, particularly working class women, are too busy to clean their rooms, , kitchens, bathrooms and carry out their laundry services
ii) some employed adults and/or close relatives of the elderly are generally busy in different locations and sometimes far from home;
iii) some people need home (domiciliary) nursing services for ailments that can be most cost-effectively cared for by qualified nursing staff at home.

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